PreK-8 Campus

Detroit Leadership Academy Elementary School is a Pre – K through 8th Grade Facility that instructs over 400 students. Located in the Castle Rouge Area of Detroit. we serve students from that specific area as well as Brightmoor and Cody Rouge. In conjunction with local partners, the long term vision of the school is to serve as both a school and community support to students and their families. A community school, closer in proximity to many families than that of the local school district, provides families with a greater chance of consistent attendance and therefore achievement for students.

DLA is a coaching school. All of our teachers receive targeted coaching and feedback so that their practice is continuously improving in order to provide daily high-quality instruction. We continuously review data to ensure our students are growing. In our 4th and 3rd grade math classes last year, 94% and 83% of our students met their growth goals on the NWEA Measure of Academic Progress. We have an inschool family therapist through a partnership with Lincoln Behavioral Health, a Mindfulness Coordinator who teaches students how to use mindfulness practices as a form of self-regulation. We also have a Social Worker who is able to see all the students in our school, not just those who have Individualized Education Plans. We have collaborated with the neighborhood, the City Department of Engineering, and the police to put signage around our school that creates a traffic flow that is most conducive to student safety. Additionally, we partner with the Castle Rouge Community Association and the Brightmoor Alliance and have participated with them in Motor City Makeover; STEAM day; Trunk or Treat; the BEAT trauma initiative, and more.